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How Does Self-Service Technology Impact Customer Experience?

Posted by Howard McCarthy, CEO and President on Apr 26, 2021 3:09:42 PM

In today's fast-paced and tech-savvy world, businesses need to keep up with the latest advancements to stay competitive. Customers expect connected and personalized experiences throughout almost every interaction and especially now in post-pandemic retail environments.  How can you best meet these expectations and increase customer loyalty? 

With innovative self-service technology, you can provide an efficient and engaging customer experience that drives loyalty and revenue.

Expectations for Experience


Using self-service, mobile, and contactless technologies have become a competitive advantage in a post-pandemic retail environment.  And - Creating Customer Experience (CX) - meeting your shoppers where they are is a necessity.

The pandemic inherently thrust traditional in-store customers
to adopt technology and new ways of shopping to meet their family's needs and their own, safely and securely.  Post-pandemic research shows that even the most steadfast traditional shoppers will continue to use a blend of in-store and digital online grocery shopping and ordering. 

Getting It Right vs. Right Now

Choosing the right technology partner and implementing the "right-sized" technology plan for your store can ensure your success now and in the future. DUMAC partners with NCR to help simplify store technology solutions, upgrades or changes, and investments based on your customers' expectations and your store's requirements - on your budget and time.

CX Considerations

According to a blog post on NCR's website, the pandemic has forced retailers to accelerate their implementation of self-service technologies, such as self-checkouts, mobile payments, and curbside pickup. These technologies not only offer a safer shopping experience but also provide greater convenience and efficiency.

As the world continues to adapt to a post-pandemic reality, retailers are expected to continue investing in self-service technologies to meet changing consumer preferences and increase operational efficiency. Additionally, there is a growing need for these technologies in other industries, such as hospitality and healthcare. Overall, self-service technologies are here to stay, and businesses that embrace them will be better equipped to meet the needs of their customers in the future. 

Using Self-Service Technologies as a Competitive Advantage

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