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New NGA Study Shows Independent Community Grocers’ Role - And Impact - In The Economy

Posted by DUMAC on Jun 21, 2021 10:23:25 AM

How big is the key role that Independent community grocers play in the nation’s economy?

We are accustomed to the role of our independent grocers' crucial food services in our local communities. But how big is their impact on the economy in general? Or across your state?

According to the latest economic impact study from the National Grocers Association, independent grocers continue to have a major influence in the way of jobs, wages, and taxes.

    • Independent community grocers are responsible for: 
    • 1.1 million jobs+ (up from 944,200 in the previous study)
    • ~ $39 billion in earning wages
    • Indirectly responsible for nearly 860,000 jobs across other industries
    • Wholesalers provide more than 44,000 jobs that earn wages of nearly $3.3 billion.

Read more of the study's highlights from The Shelby Report...

Curious about the impact in your state or other states across America??

Check out the interactive map on the National Grocer's Association's website:




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