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DUMAC Enhances Partnership with MDTech, Offering Retail Customers More Options for End-to-End Cyber Protection

Posted by DUMAC on May 9, 2023 12:31:30 PM

EAST SYRACUSE, New York – May 9, 2023 – DUMAC Business Systems, Inc., a leading solutions provider of point-of-sale software, hardware, and equipment for the grocery/supermarket and the convenience, fuel, retail (CFR) industries, is pleased to announce it is evolving its long-standing partnership with Millennium Digital Technologies (MDTech), an international PCI Level-1 approved supplier of specialty networking, security, compliance, and technology management solutions, to offer customers greater protection against increasing cyber-risk.

"At DUMAC, we are actively committed to providing our customers with best-in-breed solutions that offer stability, reliability, and peace of mind. This is why we seek out innovative market leaders like MDTech to add depth and breadth to our existing capabilities. Modern retailers’ needs are evolving, and cybersecurity is a very real concern. Our clients can trust that DUMAC will help them deliver the type of secure experience that keeps their store safe and their shoppers happy," said Mr. Howard McCarthy, chief executive officer of DUMAC.

Backed by the strength of MDTech’s market leadership, DUMAC is well-positioned to help its retail customers reduce their risk and meet their compliance needs with a comprehensive security solution that is both affordable and scalable.

“MDTech is delighted to collaborate with partners like DUMAC to deliver advanced network management and cybersecurity solutions to businesses of all sizes,” said Ken Andrews, President & CIO of MDTech. “As technology advances, so do the potential threats, making proactive end-to-end measures essential to safeguarding your organization from both existing and emerging threats. Whether you’re an independent single store operator or a national chain, MDTech delivers cost-effective solutions that strengthen and enhance the management, security, and reliability of your entire technology ecosystem.” 

About MDTech

MDTech is a leading supplier of specialty networking, security, compliance, and technology management solutions to verticals such as grocery, retail, hospitality, and parking. Our Managed Network Solution with TotalPCI™ provides drop-in PCI Compliance bundled with a comprehensive suite of features and benefits specifically designed to fulfill the most common technology needs found in the typical merchant environment. 

About DUMAC Business Systems, Inc.

At DUMAC, we believe that technology enables opportunity, and innovation is the catalyst for progress. Armed with trends, insight, and foresight, we’re crafting modern retail landscapes through our intellectual property and partner solutions to level the playing field. As a leading services provider connecting point-of-sale software, hardware, and equipment for the grocery/supermarket and convenience, fuel, and retail industries, DUMAC is proud to be a third-generation, family-owned and operated business. We embrace the people we serve and the people they serve. We’re the family for your family. 

DUMAC's RORC® suite provides a complete technology solution for grocery stores. As an NCR Platinum Preferred Channel Partner, DUMAC transitions EOL legacy systems into flexible, future-proof technology for independent retailers across the United States. DUMAC, ®RORC, and the RORC logo mark are registered trademarks of DUMAC Business Systems, Inc.

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